Automated Timesheets

Automated Timesheets

Both managers and employees will find the Clockwise Timesheet easy to use. The timesheet is designed to minimize the time employees expend recording their tasks and reduce the time required for managers to track and report the employee hours.

Employees have the option to access their individual timesheets through any Internet connected computer using their user name and a browser. All timesheets have a non-editable audit trail which timestamps every transaction by user name or device ID and IP address.

The employee timesheet is the heart of Clockwise Time and Attendance.

Clockwise Time Clocks ​

  • Integrate directly with Clockwise and automatically populate timesheets in real time
  • Provide employees the ability to check leave balance, request leave, and view schedules
  • Are designed to mount on a wall and run off of either a wall socket or Power Over Ethernet
  • Can operate off-line and provide battery backup in the event of network and power outages
  • In addition to PIN entry, can be configured with:

    • swipe card (barcode or magnetic strip)
    • proximity card
    • biometric readers​

We also offer a Clockwise "Web Clock" mode that can turn any PC with a browser into a time clock

Clockwise Mobile Applications

Clockwise Mobile Applications

  • Provides mobile employee timekeeping on both iOS and Android devices
  • Quick and easy time punch (Clock In/Out) capability
  • Geotagging: app records time punch location for later verification
  • Allows employees to edit their timesheets directly
  • Users can also check leave balance, view schedule, submit their timesheet, and request leave

Role-Based Access and Security

Clockwise provides role-based access based for all users so that each can have the access they need to do their jobs but no more. An employee can be assigned multiple roles as needed for their jobs, including:

  • Employee: The default role, providing access to the employee's timesheet, leave balance, schedule, and leave requests
  • Supervisor: Can approve timesheets and leave requests for employees assigned to them
  • Client Manager: Can approve an employee's client-specific job charges while guarding the privacy of the rest of an employee's charges
  • Scheduler: Can schedule employees by shifts or other time blocks and monitor employees' scheduled versus actual time
  • Accountant: Can process payroll, configure groups, charge codes, and pay types, define employee shift types, and import/export data
  • Administrator: Controls system configuration and manages all aspects of system workflow, user configuration, automated alerts, and employee roles

Project Tracking

Clockwise Administrators can create almost limitless combinations of time charging codes to accommodate the work of any type of employee and their work categories, tasks, and projects. Charge codes can be defined using several levels defined in the system.

  • Group -- Useful for timesheet approvals or charge code assignment. Supervisors assigned over a group will be allowed approve their employees' timesheets as well as leave requests
  • Charge Code -- Jobs, projects, clients or other classification items to choose for time charging
  • Pay Type -- Pay categories such as regular, overtime, vacation, jury duty, among many others
  • Organization -- Company or association labels that can be used to further break down data in reporting
  • Task -- Detail about what the employee is doing for a job. Easily customized and can be helpful for payroll integrations
An employee can charge time to these charge codes which can be defined and assigned based on the employee's role and work type.

Multi-Tiered Approvals

Clockwise can be configured to automate a DCAA-compliant timesheet approval and correction process:

  1. Employees submit and certify their timesheets with a digital signature
  2. A designated supervisor approves the submitted timesheet
  3. Supervisors can make changes and submit a timesheet for an employee if they are not available

    • When that happens, the employee receives a notification and must sign the modified timesheet

  4. Employees can “Unsubmit” a timesheet after signing it to make further changes as long as the timesheet has not been processed for payroll

    • An unsubmitted and re-submitted timesheet must be certified and approved again

  5. An employee cannot change a timesheet once it has been processed for payroll, but can create a “correction timesheet” for any historical modifications that are needed

    • Stored separately as a new timesheet version
    • Must go through the same approval process as the original timesheet

  6. An activity log attached to the timesheet is un-editable and tracks all timesheet activity
  7. Employee and supervisors can add comments and attach documents to the timesheet activity log to clarify any timekeeping entries on the record

Business Rules

Our expert Clockwise team will help you find the right combination of our many business rules to customize Clockwise automation for your time and attendance needs.

Clockwise has an ever-growing library of configurable business rules that can help you automatically:

  • Require a minimum number of hours to be charged for a given pay type
  • Require total hours in IN/OUT to equal the total scheduled for an employee
  • Assign a designated pay type to any excess hours
  • Restrict clocking IN prior to scheduled time
  • Allow negative pay types
  • Subtract employees' scheduled break times
  • Prevent charges to a certain pay type from exceeding core hours
  • And much more!

Leave Management

  • Clockwise tracks vacation, sick time, family leave, PTO, or any other user-defined leave
  • GHG's system allows for accrued, earned or flat leave types ​
  • Leave requests are submitted by the employee automatically generating a notification to the supervisor. Upon approval of the requested leave within Clockwise, the employee receives notification of the status of the pending request
  • Clockwise can be configured to insert the leave onto the employee's timesheet upon supervisor approval

Employee Scheduling

  • Clockwise provides the ability to schedule employees by shifts
  • Schedules can be entered manually or can be imported en masse using a .csv file
  • Schedules can be set as default and set to a specified period
  • Duplicate schedules can be copied from one employee to the next at a click of a button
  • Schedules can be made to account for PTO approved
  • Holidays and also can be set to prepopulate on employees' timesheets
  • Schedules can be loaded with the employee's job and earning code which can also be set to pre-populate on timesheets


Clockwise provides a library of standard online real-time reports with useful data such as:

  • Authorized Charges
  • Hours by Charge Code
  • Employee Hours
  • Missed Punches
  • Hours by Pay Type
  • Timesheet Status
  • In/Out Activity
  • Scheduled/Actual Hours Comparison
  • Scheduled Overtime
  • And many more!​
Reports can open as formatted HTML or directly into Excel.

Customers can also use any 3rd party report writing tool that allows mapping to SQL, such as Tableau or Crystal Reports.

In addition to our standard reports, our expert Customer Support team can develop new reports to suit specific customer requirements.

Payroll Integration

  • Customized integration with a customer’s payroll system is a routine part of customer setup.
  • Clockwise already integrates with: QuickBooks, GMS, ADP, Benefit Mall, Comp U Pay, Dairyland, Deltek, FMS, Fundware, Insperity, Lawson, Microsoft Dynamics, Millenium, Munis, PayChex, Sage, Sympaq, Tyler Technologies, USPS


  • Clockwise interfaces with external software via standard format files such as XML or comma- or tab- delimited files.
  • In most cases, we are able to create a job to automatically import and export data files from a predefined location on a server.
  • Optionally, the administrator will also have the ability to import or export data on demand or "manually" by using the Clockwise user interface.

Detailed Audit Trail

  • Every Clockwise Timesheet has an unalterable timesheet audit log showing every change and approval
  • Employees and supervisors can add further comments and attach documents
  • Clockwise has an unalterable system audit log to record system-wide activity

"The two most significant improvements since moving to Clockwise is the accuracy of our payroll and limited corrections submitted after payroll is completed."

Kelly Johns, Fort Bend County