How To: Create a New Parent Group

TL;DR -- Creating a parent group seems like a simple thing but it rarely is. Call TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) Support and let us help you.


We've noticed several searches on lately for some variation on how to "create new parent groups" in TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise).


So you are trying to implement a re-org and want to move several groups under a newly formed department. You need to created a new parent group and gather the forces underneath it.


Well, what looks like a simple change on the front end of TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) can actually affect a whole lot of data in the database. To ensure your proposed changes are made without unwanted side-effects, let our customer support team help you make this change. For more complex changes, we recommend letting us make the changes on a test site so you can verify the changes before we roll them into production.


This kind of thing is exactly what TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) unlimited customer support is there for!