FAQ: Why does Quickbooks want you to "contact your administrator" when you try to run an import?

Here's a quick answer for a very common Quickbooks error message many users encounter while trying to run an import.

The "system error" in Quickbooks you encounter that aborts your import is happening because whoever set up your Quickbooks software did not give TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) adequate permissions. If Clockwise and Quickbooks cannot get "chummy" enough to swap personal data, the import will fail.

If you did not set up your instance of Quickbooks, or if you do not have admin permissions for it, then you do need to contact your Quickbooks administrator like the message suggests. Show them this blog post, and especially what comes next.

If you have admin permissions in your instance of Quickbooks, you're in luck. Do this to give TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) the QB permissions it needs for importing:

  1. Close the Quickbooks Import Tool

  2. Log into Quickbooks as a single user

  3. Navigate to [Edit] > [Preferences] > [Integrated Applications] > [Company Preferences] > [Properties]

  4. Remove the properties associated with the TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) import tool -- "eEMS Timesheet Import"

  5. Start the Quickbooks Import Tool again and run an import. This will cause a permissions dialog to pop up

  6. Give our import tool the right permissions this time. Here's what it looks like:


Many QB admins fail to check that last box when setting up Quickbooks to work with TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise). It's understandable to be cautious with personal data, but the TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise)import interface is personal in its very nature. Clockwise wants nothing to do with your credit card data, but the import deals with personal information similar to credit card data and therefore needs that level of permission for any import to work.

I promise, if you do these things:

  • Your data will still be secure because you can trust TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise)

  • The error message will go away and you will be able to import as needed

If you have any questions or just want us to walk you through it, contact our customer support team and we'll be happy to help you.