Reminder: Free Update and Training For Authorized Contacts

Finally, the weather here in Houston is starting to feel like Spring again. The first quarter of 2021 is almost behind us and this is as good a time as any to update your Authorized Contacts for TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise).

If it's been a while, the people who are your current primary TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) admins may be different than the people we have listed on your account with us. In order to provide you our free, unlimited customer service, we have to assume that the people who are requesting changes are authorized to make those requests on your behalf. So anyone who could request service for your TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) site must be listed with us. Fortunately, you can easily update your contacts with a quick online form located here.

Little known fact: Your new authorized contacts are eligible for free remote TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise)admin training, just like the initial training you got when we set up your site. To schedule your free training or for any questions about updating your authorized contacts, reach out to our customer support team and we'll hook you up.