To Check or Uncheck The Process Timesheets Box...

...That is the question. At least when you're exporting timesheets.

One of the most common requests we get at TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) Customer Support is to "unprocess" inadvertently processed, meaning prematurely frozen, timesheets. And we're pretty sure nobody starts their day with "Call TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise) Support to unprocess our timesheets" on their To Do list.

So, before you check the "Process Timesheets" box (or leave it checked) when you export timesheets, ask yourself: "Do I want to freeze these timesheets and prevent them being edited further and from being exported again? 

That's what that checkbox does. And, if you're sending timesheets to payroll and want to be DCAA-compliant, that's exactly what you want to do. Once you've paid somebody for that time period, that record should not be changed.

A processed timesheet can not be changed. Any changes to a processed timesheet will require a correction timesheet to be made, creating another "version" of the original timesheet but keeping the original processed one intact.

It turns out that people export timesheets for all sorts of reasons, and not all of them require the timesheets to be frozen. But payroll is the most common reason for exporting timesheets by far, which is why we have that little box checked by default.

So, when you export timesheets, you need to ask yourself about whether you want to check the little "Process Timesheets" box and freeze the timesheets you're exporting or not. If you’ve accidentally processed timesheets and would like them to be "unprocessed" instead of having to make lots of correction timesheets, contact TeamKeeper (formerly Clockwise)Customer Support and we will happily unprocess them for you manually. But we'd like to save you the inconvenience in advance.